Hello! Welcome to ☪Night Owl♛. I know it's kind of bright and doesnt signify any night. But in the eyes of a night owl, it's the brightest and his domain where he rules it all. This site is mostly personal and contains :
  1. Novels I read

  2. Games I play

  3. Class' Seatworks
The Lady of the Night
Catherine Q. Nidea at your service. To others who noticed, Yeah I know, you dont need to tell me.
I'm a very introvert person.
I like my space very much.
I like noise but not so loud.
I would love to sleep at 4am but no progress.
I'm a bit of a bully.
I love twisting other's words if I love the topic well.
I mostly spend my time reading novels instead of playing games.
I love cats too but they seem to hate me.
I love designing but I cant do it digitally yet.
You can add me if you want to play. As long as I have the game. Steam link below. The Discrod server is a Dont Starve Together group. It's not mine. Its a good community and a friendly bunch of people. Please be respectful.